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Golf Course Opening

May 18, 2009

The new Pete Dye designed Rothschild Caesarea Golf club
Opens on May 1, 2009

The new Pete Dye designed golf course at Caesarea, Israel opened on May 1, 2009 to the immense delight of Israeli and international golfers-Israel's one and only 18 hole golf course.
Pete Dye is one of the most renowned golf course designers in the world and nearly 10% of Golf Digest's 100 Best Golf Courses are his masterpieces (from among the 32,000 golf courses in the world!). For his spectacular contributions to the sport he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2008 guaranteeing forever his status as one of the foremost golf course designers in history.
The developers of the new Caesarea Golf course selected Pete Dye to design it at the end of 2006. Although generally preferring to work only in the US and only committing to 2 projects a year, the 83-year old Dye could not resist the chance to design Israel and the Holy Land's only international level course. Caesarea is the first course he has designed in the European-Mediterranean area since the 1980's. Dye and his wife were very pleased with the warm and enthusiastic welcome they received in Israel. During his site visit he stated that he usually designs for a client but as this is Israel's only golf course- this time he's designing for a whole country!
The Dye design is magnificent, spacious and beckons all levels of golfers to use their skills to master the course. Pete wished to show his mastery of all types of courses and demonstrate that he is comfortable in creating user-friendly and more subtle challenges than those he is most well-known for. This is a "thinking" man or woman's course.

The Caesarea Golf Club was established by the Rothschild Family in 1961 had become antiquated, outdated and technically deficient by the 21st Century.
The Caesarea Development Corporation, which owns the club, ago to completely re-design, renovate, and reconstruct the course.

The huge project began in September 2007 when world renowned golf architect, Pete Dye, accepted the challenge.
The new 18-hole course now meets the highest international standards and was built at an investment of $12 million (including equipment, automation, and renovation of the clubhouse). The operations included drying the existing turf, soil improvement, redesigning and reconstruction of the fairways. Caesarea and Dye were an especially good fit as Pete Dye is one of the most passionate supporters of environment-friendly golf courses and he is known for designs which preserve natural flora and fauna as well as water sources-a major goal of the project.
Dye is one of the most influential and creative golf course designers in the history of the sport. All golfers that have had the privilege to play a Dye course understand the unique challenges that characterize his designs. A Dye course requires not only a serious skill level, but also a cerebral outlook on the game.

The new Pete Dye course in Israel is expected to draw golf tourists from across the globe. No where else can the serious amateur or professional golfer enjoy the spiritual experience of the Holy Land and Israel together with an exciting golf experience. Israel's year-round golf friendly climate means any day is a good day for golf!

More about Caesarea

Conveniently located mid-way between Tel Aviv and Haifa along Israel's gorgeous Mediterranean coast, Caesarea is a lovely and gracious city where King Herod built the second largest port in the Roman Empire. The Caesarea National Park is a major world-class tourist attraction boasting one of the best preserved Roman aqueducts in the world and an ancient amphitheatre which has been redesigned for modern use, hosting the Annual Jazz Festival and other performances set against the enduring backdrop of the sea.
In addition to the new Golf Club - other attractions at Caesarea include the port, cafes overlooking the beach and a state- of- the- art multi-media visitors' center where an exciting film takes the visitor on a magical journey through Caesarea's history; the civilizations that called the city their own from Herod's time, to the Roman Period, through the Byzantine Era, the Arabs and the Crusades to the first days of Israel.
Caesarea is also one of an increasingly popular place for Israel's elite to make their homes
The generosity of the donation of the land by the Baron de Rothschild lives on today as all profits from the development are designated for research and charitable contributions.
The Caesarea Foundation is committed to the development of Caesarea into a flourishing, ecologically green and friendly community of residential homes, hotels, trade centers, tourism and leisure.

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