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Golf Course Design

Pete Dye directs the Spectacular Entry of Israel into the Arena of World-Class golf at Caesarea

Golf is returning to Israel in a big way as Pete Dye, the grand master of golf course architecture agreed to design the new course at Caesarea. Key to convincing the much in demand designer to come to Israel was allowing Dye to focus on the art and design while the developer handled all the administrative details. 

Arriving in Israel for an initial visit of just six days Pete and his wife and partner Alice immediately got down to work walking every inch of the Caesarea sand dunes. He spent all of his time on site, often drawing plans in the sand with his forefinger. His team consists of an associate designer, a site foreman and two shapers. Computers, cell phones, blackberries and other technological tools of the trade play no part in Dye's design scheme. His course emerges from the sand in the manner of a completed jigsaw puzzle which is not surprising as both he and his wife are big fans of puzzles.

Chosen by the developers for his deep personal commitment to the Caesarea course and his boundless enthusiasm for the project, Dye himself sees this project as more of a mission than a job. "Normally I am designing for a client, here in Israel this is the only course for seven million people. Here I am designing for a country!" Dye remarked. He has a hand in every aspect of the design of the course including choosing environmentally friendly grass that requires less water and taking into account the coastal winds that blow in from the Mediterranean Sea.

Thanks to the visionary and remarkable Pete Dye, his wife and team, Ben Gurion airport baggage handlers are going to see lots of golf clubs and their owners arriving in Israel in the near future as Israel begins to make its mark on the world-class golf scene.


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