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Underwater Archeology Park

Diving into History - The Underwater Archeological Park

The Underwater Archeological Park is the first to be established in Israel and the world! Researchers from the University of Haifa together with the Caesarea Development Corporation opened the park in 2006.

This stunning underwater archaeological park teaches both amateurs and professionals alike about the techniques Herod used to construct the ancient ports and about later attempts to restore the port after it began to sink. The archaeological diving adventure, a unique experience available no where else in the world, includes following the techniques used to build ports in the Roman era learning hands-on about the incredibly sophisticated construction techniques used by Herod's engineers, who built the first breakwaters in history. 

The underwater port covers about 200 dunams, and within its confines can be found the evidence of loading and unloading docks, warehouses, boardwalks and beacons. On the seafloor divers can explore the remains of ancient shipwrecks, the vessels and cargo and even the wreck of a boat bringing immigrants to Israel at the time the Second World War.

The park is designed for both snorkelers and more advanced scuba divers so that all can marvel at the ingenuity of the ancient engineers.

Today volunteer divers assist in the maintenance and development of the park.

The Caesarea Dive Club. Tel.: 04-6265898
Email: diving@post.com

Link to the Beach Life website - http://www.eye4nature.com/ 

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