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Hiking Caesarea Trails

The National Park at Caesarea offers a number of hiking and touring trails through the extensive excavations and grounds of the site. The trails range in length from 2200 meters to 500 meters and are designed around historical themes to meet the interests of all visitors. All of the trails also include the most important sites of general interest.

From the Port to the Hippodrome

Trail Length: 1400 meters

This trail combines both modern history (Bosnian structures from the 19th century) and ancient history from Roman to Crusader and Ottoman times. The trek includes the shoreline boardwalk and a detour to the Hippodrome, the horse-racing arena and an informative view of Herod's port. 

On the Observation Trail

Trail Length: 900 meters

This hike gives a fabulous overview from above of the huge Roman city, the much smaller Crusader City, the Bosnian village and much more. From vantage points above the site hikers form a clear picture of the site's layout throughout history.

In the Footsteps of the Pilgrims

Trail Length: 900 meters

Visitors who are especially interested in the religious history of Caesarea will enjoy this walk which highlights the religious structures on the site. See the Roman temple built to honor August Caesar and the goddess of Rome, the octagonal Byzantine Church, St Peter's cathedral from the time of the Crusades and learn about a mosque that has since disappeared. Hikers see a stone near the pier that mentions Pontius Pilate.

Along the Beach

Trail length: 2200 meters

For active visitors who are looking for the most comprehensive tour this is the trail to follow. All of the major and minor structures and exhibits are found along the pathway. The Roman city and port are covered extensively along with the remains of all the other cities built on the site. Go from amateur to expert on this trail!

Through the Walls

Trail Length: 500 meters

For the visitor with limited time this is the trail to follow. The basic outlines of the cities and structures are covered by ascending to observation points that permit viewing clear outlines of the layout of the park.

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